Posted on 03/23/12

Informed Publishing Joins Ascend Learning

I have some exciting news to share, and wanted you to be the first to hear it. Today we are announcing that Informed Publishing will become part of Ascend Learning, a world-leading education technology company serving healthcare and other high-growth career industries. Specifically, we will join Ascend Learning’s publishing division – Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL) –the leading provider of educational content including public safety education and training.

Since 1989, JBL has been producing learning and career achievement courses written by our industry’s leading practitioners. During the same time, Informed Publishing grew from being “the little pocket guide company” to a leading provider of mobile applications for public safety and health providers.
Joining Ascend Learning makes sense, and we are confident this will be of great benefit to our industry. By combining Ascend’s vast content resources with Informed’s acclaimed mobile display software, we will be able to support you at every stage of your education and career by delivering critical information to the devices you carry and use.

We look forward to expanding our Portland, Oregon-based operation to create new mobile products as part of Ascend Learning. Portland is a city at the forefront of mobile technology innovation, and is the perfect place for us to scale our mobile content business.

Don’t worry — the Informed guides and apps you rely on will remain available, and will be kept current and continuously improved based on your feedback, same as always. Our founders, authors and subject-matter experts are coming with us to keep our products on the leading edge of field practice.

We will continue and expand our practice of involving users in the design, and testing of new digital products. We recognize that our success is largely due to the input we receive from our user communities. Just last November we celebrated selling over 100,000 mobile apps in less than two years, a milestone we could not have crossed without you. As we move forward, you can count on hearing from us often.

Thank you for your continued support as we embark on the next exciting chapter of our company story. If it’s true that past is prologue (and in our case, I think it is) then we have a wonderful journey ahead of us. Thanks for coming with us, and keep those ideas, comments and suggestions coming!

With warm regards,
Michael Coffin
Informed Publishing


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