The essential tools for every member of the fire rescue and first responder profession, making it easy for firefighters, command officers, and volunteers to coordinate fire attack, incident command, tactics and more.

Fire Officer Field Guide™

Includes new ICS profiles, fire strategy and tactics update, enhanced WMD and more.

12-Lead ECG Field Guide

Rapid access to essential information on 12-lead ECG interpretation.
Pre-order the ECG
Field Guide

EMS Field Guide® BLS

The guide in every EMT’s pocket. Includes current AHA guidelines.

EMS Field Guide® ALS

The original EMS Field Guide has grown into the most used reference guide in EMS history.

NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide™

Provides instant access to critical key points of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that can help you make decisions fast.

Homeland Security Field Guide™

A pocket guide containing information on domestic terrorism, officer safety, incident management and more.

Pet Emergency Pocket Guide™

A practical guide for caring for pets and how to respond to a pet injury, illness or emergency.

Informed Guides a Fire Captain Throughout His Career

I wish to take this time out to tell you how much I appreciate Informed's products. I have been in the EMS and Fire service for 19 years now and the one thing that never remains the same is knowledge and information, sometimes to the extent of overload. With EMS and Fire protocols being updated and doing more with less, not only myself but several members I work with all use your EMS field guides primarily. They are a great tool for the three o'clock run that catches you off guard. I believe it was Einstein who said you don't need to know everything, but knowing where to get that information is pretty important. He said this after he had to look up his phone number in the phone book. He may not have known his phone number, but he knew where to get it. After climbing up the ranks of the fire service and becoming one of our ICS trainers, and CERT coordinator, I have given out as gifts several copies of your NIMS Guide, Homeland Security Guide and your Home Emergency Guide as well. They are in high demand and one of the more accurate set of guides for this information on the market today. I am glad you have created this product in the same durable and easy-to-read format as your other books. Thank you for again creating a tool that is current, relevant, durable, easy to store and affordable for our citizens, CERT members, firefighters, EMS workers, police officers, and command staff from around the country. Capt. Bradley A. Smith P.E.M. Emergency Management Coordinator Dearborn, Michigan
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