From the Field

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Dear Informed Publishing,

We have received the Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guides that you donated to our team of Air Force nurses. We work at Join Base Balad in the Emergency Department of the largest hospital in Iraq. Your resources have already been put to good use. The information your guide provides is accurate, quick, and easy to understand.

The medication section has been particularly helpful and easy to find what you are looking for fast! Unfortunately, we see a lot of burns here and utilize the burn chart and fluid resuscitation formula often. We also use the compatibility charts and pre-calculated drip rates frequently.

Before you donated the Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guides we were sharing one older version between 8 of us. Now we each have our own with updated information. Thank you for supporting us in what we do! We appreciate you very much.


Emergency Department Nursing Staff
Joint Base Balad, Iraq

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