Informed Mobile Framework™

Designed for user-driven cross platform mobile product development, the Informed Mobile Framework™ (IMF) allows publishers to easily deliver content to multiple handheld devices. IMF supports multi-platform development via industry standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

IMF combines text and rich media content along with a number of imbedded features: custom bookmarks, search capability, quick navigation, ability to add and email notes, and an intuitive interface. The end result is a platform to easily deliver a perfect marriage of content and style.

The three key elements of IMF are:

    • Navigation – Intuitive navigation is a key feature in IMF. This includes top level navigation, drop-down menus, and the ability to jump to specific topics allowing a user to quickly access critical content.
    • Rich Media – An essential part of a user’s experience is having interactive multimedia embedded throughout an application. IMF supports the incorporation of illustrations, slideshows, videos, audio and animation, which will give the user a rich media experience.
    • Customization – A vital component of product branding is the ability to customize content to fit your customers’ unique needs. IMF has been created specifically to deliver content in a format which makes sense for your user base and can be customized or branded to suit.
  • IMF is currently supported on the iPhone, the iPad and Google Android devices including the Nook Color, Kindle Fire and Android tablets.

    For more information, please contact us:

    Phone: 888-624-8014


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