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TIMELY AND THOROUGH… AN EXTREMELY VALUABLE TOOL.” —Cynthia Kellams, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

From the Field

"Timely and thorough, this little gem couldn’t come at a better time. As a program coordinator for a CERT that has required all its active members to be NIMS compliant, I find the guide to be a tremendous resource. An extremely valuable tool… This is a keeper." Cynthia Kellams, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Citizen Liaison and CERT Program Coordinator Arlington County, Virginia  

Meet the Guide Behind the App

Before our popular NIMS ICS Guide app, there was the NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide. This is the guide to turn to when multiple teams are responding to a large-scale disaster. Packed with checklists so that nothing is missed during a crisis, this guide includes the National Response Framework, organizational charts, emergency team contacts, operations, logistics and more. The NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide is available as an updated 2nd edition.

NIMS Field Guide Helps Launch Mobile Medical Unit

"A little over a year ago, our department partnered up with Texas Health Resources (THR) to leverage federal grant dollars in establishing a mobile medical unit (MMU); basically, an inflatable military style field hospital. This was a business that we had not envisioned on getting ourselves into but quickly saw its potential. The MMU team is comprised of Arlington Fire Department members, for logistics, and clinicians from our three hospitals to function in operational roles. After exercising the MMU a couple of times, we realized the need to develop a management plan that would clearly articulate to the masses what their roles would be in a real incident. I and Jim Self, Medical Operations Battalion Chief, began working over the course of many months to develop this plan. We very quickly established NIMS and ICS as the backbone of this plan and began to identify NIMS field guides that could be utilized to develop simple user friendly job sheets for our team as well as validate our overall concept. Your NIMS Incident Command Field Guide was one that proved to be a tremendous asset. Since then, our plan has been used by several other jurisdictions in the region that have received the same type of MMU capability. Kudos to Informed for what you do! I hope that your team continues to seek out the suggestions of the public safety community in developing field guides that can help us do our jobs every day and train our staff." Jason Curtis, Emergency Management Planner Arlington Fire Department Office of Emergency Management Arlington, Texas
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