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"Our medical staff, as well as our clients, have found this guide to be an essential tool for the care of their pets. We tell our clients to keep a copy with them just in case of emergencies, and we make sure there is a copy on each ambulance. If you care for pets that belong to others, or just want to be prepared for an emergency with your own pet, this guide is a must-have."

David Watts
CEO A.M.E.R.S. Animal Ambulance

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Learn to Manage Pet Emergencies - Even During a Disaster

"Pet emergencies are becoming a big issue with disaster assistance and it is falling to the community groups to deal with it. The guide has lots of good info to help: it includes a lot of information on disaster planning, evacuation and first-aid tips for pets. There are lots of drawings, forms for logging data and a simple tab system for finding data."

Marcel Rodriguez, Team Lead
Portland Emergency Management Teams
Portland, Oregon

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